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Black Bean Soup

This last week in July marks the half way point for summer. Enjoy spicy black beans in the middle of summer or again in the middle of winter. I’m loving our new base for making black beans in the instant pot. We’re calling it the Golden Base.

Vegan Nicoise Salad

Niçoise olives are a French favorite, produced in the region around the French Riviera. These intensely savory olives are the backbone of this composed salad. Use the best fresh produce and olives you can find. Fingerling potatoes also work well.

Grilled Vegetable Soup

Grilling the vegetables creates a subtle smokiness from charring them that doesn’t become overpowering but enhances the vegetable flavor. This soup purées some of the grilled vegetables into a thick base and combines the remaining chopped vegetables to have both a chunky and smooth soup.

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New Orleans–Style Red Beans and Rice Recipe

New Orleans has a tasty Monday tradition known as Red Beans and Rice. Try our vegan version with stewing bell pepper, onion, carrot, mushroom, and celery with spices (allspice, cayenne pepper, mustard powder and more). The red kidney beans cook perfectly in the instant pot. This is a great alternative to chili.