All About Vegan Ricotta

Pan Roasted Carrots with Caramelized Onions, Gnocchi, Herb Pesto and Whipped Ricotta

This incredible carrot recipe receives rave reviews for it’s amazing richness and flavor combinations. The bright and refreshing pesto is wonderful when tossed all over earthy sweet roasted carrots, hearty gnocchi and luscious fluffy ricotta.

Lasagne Rollups

A flavorful, hearty vegan lasagna rolled-up with a tofu and almond ricotta filling and topped with a savory tomato sauce from scratch.

Whipped Ricotta Radiatore with Parsnips Greens and Hazelnuts

The indulgent creaminess of the ricotta wins a spot at this weeks recipes. Be sure to chop up some carrot greens, parsley, basil or other fresh leafy herbs you have on hand. Add them during the last minute of cooking.