All About Turnip Greens

Whipped Ricotta Radiatore with Parsnips Greens and Hazelnuts

The indulgent creaminess of the ricotta wins a spot at this weeks recipes. Be sure to chop up some carrot greens, parsley, basil or other fresh leafy herbs you have on hand. Add them during the last minute of cooking.

Thai Peanut Sauce Recipe

Tofu and Spinach in Thai Peanut Sauce

This sweet, salty, spicy and sour peanut sauce turns any tender green into a super flavorful, hearty Thai meal. Easy to prepare and great for next day leftovers.

Tofu Quiche Recipe

Turnip Greens Tofu Quiche with Mushroom and Olives

Rich and satisfying, this tofu quiche is great for brunch or a light dinner. The almond meal crust is simple to make and pleasantly crumbly.

a bowl of black bean soup with topping. Mini sopes on the side and greens in the background

Black Bean Soup with Mini Sopes

By mixing greens into this hearty black bean soup, it goes from great to fantastically healthy. Top with mini sopes, and you have healthy comfort food. What could be better?